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In Montalcino, the female universe has taken on an increasingly central role in the enological environment.
An example is Loredana Tanganelli, together with her husband Antonio Brandi, owner of Scopetone, a family-run organic farm on the southwestern side of Montalcino.
A direct relationship with agriculture, that of Loredana, started in 2002, when he took over the La Melina farm, so named because his grandfather Alvaro had planted apple trees there, as well as a very small 2,000 square meter Brunello vineyard. “Initially, the main activity was honey, my great passion. Beekeeping in Montalcino is a historical and valuable practice – explains Loredana Tanganelli – grapes were instead sold.

Loredana & Giada


We have been producers since 2009 when we took over Scopetone, a company that has been producing Brunello since 1979, of which the brand has been maintained. We rely on the advice of the oenologist Maurizio Castelli. And my father, Roberto, also helps me in the company ”. In total, 7,000 bottles of Brunello, 4,000 of Rosso di Montalcino and 10,000 of Rosso di Toscana Sangiovese IGT are produced each year. To the five hectares of vineyards are added three hectares of olive trees, varieties Leccino, Moraiolo and Frantoio, from which a precious extra virgin olive oil is obtained, more than fruit trees for personal consumption, from apple trees to pear trees, from cherry trees to plums, from kiwis to medlar trees, a sign that biodiversity is the great added value of the Montalcino area. The latest investment was the new cellar and the tasting room.
Built in 2015 in order to organize Tours and Tastings.

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